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Jonathan Dane Facebook Ads Mastery

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Jonathan Dane Facebook Ads Mastery
Jonathan Dane - Facebook Ads Mastery
MP4 + PDF Guides | English | 1280 x 720 | 1.6 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / Business, Sales, Marketing


Everything you need to know to master Facebook and Instagram ads in a simple, quick, and effective manner.
Instead of an "all you can eat buffet", wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you need to do inside of Facebook to get results with paid advertising?
We'll go through the basics and increase the difficulty over time.
Everything will be taught with simplicity, and you'll have both notes and videos to return to if you get stuck.
Not to mention, some other amazing perks:
- Full year access to a custom Slack channel with other students and KB team members to help you out.
- Upgrades like quizzes, worksheets, and expert interviews on new strategies/tactics.
- First dibs on new courses and inside scoops around different marketing initiatives.

If you break it down, the ROI you'll gain far surpasses the cost of this course.
Your Instructor
Johnathan Dane is a PPC lover and conversion rate fighter, spending most of his time in the trenches.

He's an international speaker who founded and ran two successful agencies with over $5 million in annual revenue in less than two years.

With experience spanning from over 500 clients (from smaller local businesses to larger ones like Airbnb and Stanford), this course simplifies the confusion and gives you bite sized strategies and tactics that you can implement right away.
Class Curriculum
Facebook Ads Basics
What Is Facebook Advertising?

The History of Facebook Advertising

How Do Facebook Ads Work? + VIDEO (3:07)

Facebook vs AdWords - Who Wins? + VIDEO (5:17)

Where Instagram Fits In

Endless Targeting Possibilities + VIDEO (5:15)

New & Different Networks

Audiences Are Your New Hooks

Navigating Facebook Business Manager + VIDEO (6:05)

Structure of Facebook Ads + VIDEO (6:12)

The Unknown Facebook Secrets + VIDEO (9:41)

The Most Powerful Audiences

Understanding Audiences

Exhausting & Order of Audiences + VIDEO (8:05)

Cold & Hot Audiences + VIDEO (7:31)

The Offer Thermometer + VIDEO (6:27)

The Ad Blueprint

New Ad Types

Ad Variety

Building War Chests

Unknown Dark Posts? + VIDEO (3:56)

Iterations vs Redesigns

Stronger Research

Full Funnel Analysis + VIDEO (2:23)

Graph Search + VIDEO (2:00)

Audience Insights + VIDEO (2:28)

Why Am I Seeing This?

Competitor Comparisons?

Setting Things Up For Success

Tracking Everything + VIDEO (5:11)

Types of Campaigns + VIDEO (2:49)

Campaign Setup

Ad Set Setup + VIDEO (4:24)

Full Funnel Importance + VIDEO (5:30)

Unknown Targeting Combinations

Bidding & Budgets

1 Ad Set = 1 Audience

Power Editor + VIDEO (2:40)

Optimization Work

Weekly Routines + VIDEO (5:07)

Monthly Routines

Attribution Knowledge + VIDEO (2:58)

Instagram Ads

Silo vs Combo

The Mobile Only Focus

Influencer Marketing + VIDEO (3:16)

Scaling & Growth

Colder Audiences

The Patience Focus

Ancillary Audiences + VIDEO (3:44)

The Most Important Things To Remember

North Star Metrics

Layers Are The Enemy

CRO Vitality

Achieving Turbo Traction + VIDEO (4:47)

See You On Slack!

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